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Wake up Neo. The Matrix Has You...
Mon Jul 31, 2017, 2:09 AM
holy shit! we must catch those bras!
Wed Feb 22, 2017, 1:54 PM
Fri Dec 2, 2016, 5:22 AM
Luke! I only know who you are because of Deliverance. Hi!
Tue Jun 16, 2015, 8:38 PM
Fri May 8, 2009, 7:26 PM
YOOOOU. You did Bowser's voice in Roger's video riiiight? Oh it was epic. XD
Fri May 1, 2009, 4:08 PM
its offical folks. Link has taken up Train Driving.
Thu Mar 26, 2009, 12:33 PM
its mah birthday on the 20th :D
Tue Apr 4, 2006, 12:30 PM
I'm fine,daddeh is the best!<3 :cuddle:
Thu Mar 23, 2006, 12:50 AM
hey howz it goin? i missed ya :hug:
Wed Mar 22, 2006, 5:29 AM


Best Classic FPS Protagonist
4 deviants said Duke Nukem
4 deviants said Gordon Freeman ( Half-Life)
3 deviants said Doomguy (Doom)
3 deviants said Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces/ Jedi Knight Series)
2 deviants said Other
No deviants said Serious Sam
No deviants said Quakeguy (Quake)
Zelda throughout the ages *updated*
Due to popular request thanks to my other works ‘Link throughout the ages’…
& ‘Ganon throughout the ages’…
 here is a gallery of the different incarnations of Hyrule’s Princess, Princess Zelda. From her early days on the NES in the 80’s to her current 2010’s look on the Wii U, 3DS & Switch.

2018 UPDATE:  Now updated with versions of Princess Zelda from A Link Between Worlds, Hyrule Warriors & Breath of the Wild. (Excluding Zelda's Winter Gear from the ballad of the Champions DLC) Stay Tuned for updated versions of Link & Ganon throughout the ages too.

Name:The Damsel in Distress
Appearance: The Legend of Zelda ( NES)

The first appearance of Hyrule’s Princess. She was the guardian of the Triforces of Wisdom & Power, triangles that grant whoever possesses both their ultimate desire. (Not to be confused with Dairylea triangles which don’t grant wishes.)
When the Dark lord Ganon attacked, Zelda split the Triforce of Wisdom into 8 fragments and sent them in different directions in Hyrule. Ganon then stole both The Triforce of Power and Zelda who was held prisoner in Turtle Rock.
Zelda, who was stuck behind a wall of fire got bored until she got rescued by Link. She didn’t expect however to be rescued by a Elf who appears to be a bit short.

Name: The Sleeping Beauty.
Appearance: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. (NES)

A princess who was cursed to eternal slumber by an evil wizard. The only way to wake her was for Link to find the Triforce of Courage and put stones in 6 palaces. However Link didn’t think to kiss Zelda waking her up as he fears Cooties.

Name: The Warrior Princess.
Appearance: The Cartoon series, Captain N.

A princess who is brave and takes matters in her own hands when Hyrule is invaded by Ganon. She is also bossy and orders Link about and makes sure the kingdom is running well. She is also very skilled with the bow & arrow and if Link misbehaves with sexist remarks she will not hesitate to shoot a light arrow in his butt (or worse).

Name: The Dream Invader.
Appearance: A Link to the Past (SNES)

A princess who is a descendant of one of the mystical maidens who imprisioned Ganon years ago. When Hyrule is taken over by the wizard Agahnim, Zelda was held prisioner and tried to contact link by Telepathy. She didn’t expect however that Link would be thinking of two Zeldas…and other things most people would dream of.

Name: The Psycho Killer.
Appearance: Faces of Evil & Wand of Gamelon (CD-I)

Possibly the worst princess Hyrule was ever ruled by. She was kidnapped by Ganon but upon rescue she denied she was rescued because she secretly hates Link.
When her father & Link disappeared for months in Gamelon, she had no choice but to go there herself, murdering people, dodging lawyers and beating up Ganon with a wand.
After their return, Zelda then poisoned her father’s dinner and took the crown. She made Hyrule a superpower and invaded the Mushroom kingdom.

Name: The forgotten one.
Appearance: Zelda’s adventure. (CD-I)

The most obscure version of princess Zelda. She was hired by some old dude to rescue Link and obtain the celestial signs because Link went out drinking one night, forgot his sword and got captured by Ganon.
After saving Tolemac by beating up Ganon with the ugly stick. She was never remembered again and faded into obscurity. She’s usually on Hyrules street corners these days selling her body and turning tricks.

Name: The Nosey Princess.
Appearance: Ocarina of Time (N64/3DS)

As a child, Princess Zelda had a habit of staring through people’s windows. The people of Hyrule feared for their privacy in case a princess is staring through the window. She was mostly spying on Ganondorf and people through bathroom windows. (Better check your windows just in case.) She is also the keeper of the Ocarina of Time which she threw into the moat when fleeing Hyrule Castle. Good thing she didn’t have a Piano of Time.

Name: The Sage of Time.
Appearance: Ocarina of Time (N64/3DS) Smash Bros Melee. (Gamecube)

Princess Zelda grown up after 7 years. Can open doors and gates but cannot pick up swords and throw then over fire. However she did Imprison Ganon and sent back Link to his own time. Realised that Link didn’t clean the Ocarina of Time after he used it.

Name: The Ninja.
Appearance: Ocarina of Time (N64/3DS) Smash Bros Melee. (Gamecube) Smash Bros Brawl. (Wii)

After being sent into hiding, Zelda gets trained in the ways of the Sheikah by her nursemaid Impa. (like a female ninja master.) She disguised herself as a boy and called herself Sheik. Sheik proceeded to keep an eye on Link and teach him songs by harp that helps him warp all over Hyrule. Sheik can also disappear by throwing Deku nuts and running away very fast as smoke grenades are hard to afford.
Sheik is trained in the deadly arts of the “Wax on, Wax off” technique and the “You’re already a Redead” technique.

Name: The Oracle Chick.
Appearance: The Oracle games. (Linked version)
(Game Boy Color)

This version of Princess Zelda usually visits Holodrum & Labrynna and gets kidnapped as a part of Ganon’s Resurrection. When Link foils the plan and defeats a badly-resurrected Ganon. Zelda proceeds to Kiss Link..much to the jealousy of the Maku Tree who has the hots for Link. (BOTH VERSIONS!)

Name: The Pirate.
Appearance: The Wind Waker. (Gamecube) Phantom Hourglass (DS) Navi Trackers (Japanese only.)

After Hyrule gets put underwater, the royal line of Hyrule was in decay save for a Pirate Girl named Tetra, unaware that she is the latest incarnation of Princess Zelda.
Tetra and her crew agree to help take Link to the Forsaken Fortress where his Sister is held prisoner and throwing him in by catapult. When not raiding towns, pillaging, and illegally downloading songs off the internet, Tetra likes to relax listening to Alestorm.

When She and Link meet the the King of Red Lions in the underwater version of Hyrule Castle she is transformed into….

Name: The Toony Princess.
Appearance: The Wind Waker (Gamecube), Minish Cap (GBA) Spirit Tracks (DS).

After no longer looking like a cool pirate and have to do princess things instead of pirate things, Zelda is made to stay in Hyrule Castle Basement to hide from Ganondorf..which fails.
Unlike OOT Zelda, WW Zelda is able to pick up the Master Sword when it got out of Link’s hand and shoots Light arrows in Ganon’s face as he has an allergy to light arrows.
She was made to revert to being a pirate again and agrees to help Link discover America.. I mean a new Hyrule.

Name: The Four Swords Chick.
Appearance: Four Swords (GBA) Four Swords Adventures (Gamecube)

A princess who gets kidnapped by the wizard Vaati. She is pretty much fed up of her line getting kidnapped all the time. And now she has 4 Link’s trying to win her over. Then again a fivesome might not be so bad.

Name: The Badass.
Appearance: Twilight Princess (Wii/Gamecube) Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)

Possibly the Fantasy equivalent of Princess Leia. Zelda tries to defend her kingdom to the end when it is invaded by the Twilight king Zant..who may or may not sparkle shrouding the lands in darkness.
She is helped by a wolf who turns into an elf and a twilight girl named Midna.
She also gets possessed by Ganondorf violating her but she gets her own back by shooting a light arrow in his butt.

Name: The Dead Girl.
Appearance: Spirit Tracks.(DS)

WW Zelda’s Granddaughter. Not knowing that her Chancellor is an evil jerk with two hats, Zelda was part of his plot to resurrect the demon Malladus. With the help of Link, a train driver in training, they try to confront the evil Chancellor only to have her body stolen leaving her spirit behind. Ghost Zelda doesn’t want to be ghostbusted so she tries to get Link to get her body back of She will haunt him forever, and stare through his windows.
She proceeds to assist Link restore the Spirit Tracks and get her body back with the help of a Train and an old lady version of Professor X. At least Zelda can ride the train without paying for a ticket.

Name: The Female Alphonse.
Appearance: Spirit Tracks. (DS)

(Named after Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist who is also a Animated Suit of Armour.)

In ghost form, Zelda is able to possess Phantom Knights so she can become an animated suit of armour to kick ass and protect Link. However she is not allowed to hug Link as last time she did that she broke his spine. Hates mice as they might run up her armoured leg.

Name: The Headmaster's Daughter
Appearance: Skyward Sword (Wii)

Before they was a monarchy, before there was even a Hyrule, Zelda was the daughter of Gaepora, headmaster of Skylofts Academy of Bird-riding Knights. She has a Blue Loftwing named Binky and is a pro at Harp Hero. She plays the role of the Goddess at Skyloft's graduation ceremony and is best friends with Link who she likes to push off things..provided she gives him the Sailcloth she made for him for winning the tournament first. After flying with Link she gets knocked off her Loftwing and fell towards the world below..where she realises that she isn't in Skyloft anymore.

Name: The Goddess Reborn
Apearance: Skyward Sword (Wii)

After arriving in this strange world below, Zelda was sent on a mission to pray at some temples to purify herself and become the Messiah of the Surface. She is assisted by this cool ninja chick named Impa. She gets constantly hounded by a fruity man named Ghirahim who may or may not be related to David Bowie. After an attack on the Old Temple of Time, she lobs a harp at Link and tells him to meet her in the past. After Link & Zelda are reunited a million years in the past, she reveals that she is the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia and she must cyrogenically freeze herself till Link finds the Triforce and defeats Demise, the Surface's version of Satan. So then Zelda sleeps in a crystal like a Mosquito in Amber for thousands of years hoping no-one goes and clones her DNA and create a Zelda theme park. After Link has to defeat Demise in the Past & Present as well as Ghirahim, by ripping off He-Man, Zelda decides to stay on the Surface with Link and rule over the land known as Grooseland (It was renamed Hyrule after Groose died.)

Name: The Twins
Appearance: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)

Set many years after the events of A Link to the Past. Zelda notices that various people have been turned into paintings, including her captain and asks for Link, a blacksmith's apprentice for help. She then gets turned into a painting herself by painter-turned clown Yuga and gets transported along with the sages to Lorule, a bizarro dimension of Hyrule that kinda resembles the Dark World from ALTTP. Lorule was ruled by Hilda (a Bizarro version of Zelda) who was usurped by Yuga in a attempt to bring back Ganon.
After Link defeated Yuga & Ganon ( who did the fusion thing from DBZ to create Yuganon). It was revealed that Hilda was the true mastermind behind Yuga & Ganon in order to obtain Hyrule's Triforce as she accidentally destroyed Lorule's Triforce when it fell off the mantlepiece whilst cleaning. And she would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids. But Ravio ( Bizarro Link) made her see the errors of her ways and use Hyrule's Triforce to resurrect Lorule's one. With everything well again Zelda & Link went back to Hyrule where she promptly threw out every painting in the castle in case one of them takes her to yet another Dimension.

Name: The General
Apperance: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U/3DS/Switch)

One of the most Fierce & Mightiest Princesses in Hyrule's History. Zelda had a nightmare of a great evil enveloping the kingdom ( as you do). She and Impa saw a knight in training and knew he is the one that will save them all (as he's the only trainee knight without a helmet). In her war against the threat lead by a Witch with huge tits, a dragon man and a wizzrobe with a huge eye, she has rallied many great heroes from Hyrule's history to her banner including a bug collector, a girl with a book, a 35 year old man in green Pajamas and a Link Fangirl. Groose offered his services to her cause but she replied saying that they were fully staffed and will inform him when a vacancy is available. She never bothered to read his C.V either.

Name: The Last Princess
Appearance: Breath of the Wild (Wii U/Switch)

It is unkown where in the timeline this game is set but it is set in a unknown future where Zelda rules Hyrule (Now as big as Tamriel from the Elder Scrolls games) under her father, King Rhoam Bosphoramus Phosphorus 'Miggidy Mack Daddy' Hyrule. Zelda took an interest in the ancient technology of the Shiekah who founded electricity, powered huge megazords called 'The Divine Beasts', walking tentacle things called Guardians and they invented the ipad. This annoyed the King who saw that her daughter was ignoring her princess duties earning the name 'The Stain of Hyrule' which is exactly what a loving Dad would call their Daughter. He wanted her to awaken her powers as it was prosphesied that the demonic entity known as 'Calamity Ganon' will return by her 16th birthday and she needs to get her arse in gear. Resisting the urge to shoot her Dad on the toilet with a crossbow (she kinda has Daddy issues) Zelda decided to utilize the Guardian tech somehow and put together a team representing the main races of Hyrule. Travelling over the kingdom she has created The Champions of Hyrule, soldiers of fortune where four of them are given the cool Megazord Divine Beasts and the fifth is given the Master Sword and the job of sealing the darkness away.
Unknown to her and her champions, She and her Father are doomed to be the last rulers of a destroyed kingdom...

Name: The Researcher
Appearance: Breath of the Wild (Wii U/Switch)

Trying to undertand and use the lost technology of the Sheikah and to be prepared for Calamity Ganon's invasion, Zelda travelled over Hyrule with her bodyguard Link, the son of the captain of the Royal Guard and was entusted with the Master Sword. Zelda didn't get along with him at first, at one point having a go at him when she failed to open an ancient Sheikah shrine.  Although Link doesn't talk much due to him being shy or something, he stood by her side saving her from an army of beasts on Death Mountain, Yiga raiders in the desert and also was used for Zelda's experiments including licking/swallowing frogs (as long as it's not anywhere else).

Name: The Priestess
Appearance: Breath of the Wild (Wii U/Switch)

With the time of Calamity Ganon's return coming even closer, Zelda had to awaken her Divine powers to seal the demonic entity away. So she travelled to the main shrines of Hyrule to pray to the Goddess Hylia ( its uncertain if Din, Farore or Nayru are still worshipped) for her help...and nothing happened.
After praying at the last shrine it was too late. Calamity Ganon arrived but in a surprise attack emerging from Hyrule Castle. The Champions went to their Divine Beasts but Ganon has been busy, learning hacking skills off the internet and managed to take over ALL Guardian tech turning them against Hyrule. The Champions were slaughtered by Ganon's Blight Avatars and Link & Zelda made their last stand whilst Hyrule burns. Link was mortally wounded but then Zelda protected him from her awakened powers. Zelda then placed him in a magic bathtub that will put him in suspended animation for a century whilst she goes and prevents Ganon from escaping Hyrule Castle. She's a bit annoyed by this as she has to hold back Ganon for over a century whilst Link gets a nice sleep during that period as he heals and then she has to wake him up at the right time. Hopefully he goes straight to the castle and not get distracted by anything.
Random Character Icons.
Was going through some old Artwork I never finished or Uploaded and came across a '100 faces Challenge' from 2011 or 2012  that I tried to do but gave up on it managing only 12 characters. I figured I haven't shown anyone these so I thought I might collect them all together and if you want use them as Avatars or Icons or whatever. So I hope you like em.

Row 1: Edward & Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) Rayman (Origins/Legends version)
Row 2: Banjo, Kazooie & Gruntilda the Witch from the Banjo-Kazooie games.
Row 3: The 11th Doctor Played by Matt Smith (Doctor Who) Karl Pilkington (The Ricky Gervais Show) CBBC's 'Spider'
Row 4: Hercules played by Kevin Sorbo ( Hercules: the Legendary Journeys) Kratos (God of War) The Scarecrow (Batman)
A dramatic reading I've done of this Weird & Insane Harry Potter story I found which may or may not have been written by J.K Rowling whist she was taking Coke or something.
  • Listening to: Goodbye Moonmen-Rick & Morty
  • Reading: Ripley's 2017
  • Playing: Octopath Traveller Demo
  • Eating: Too many sweets from xmas
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper.

Hey there, had a Good Christmas? Mine was alright, although I came down with a Stomach Virus and was ill on Xmas Day and Boxing day which was NOT a nice gift to have,(I'm better now though). I received some Jedi Slippers, a carry bag to store my laptop (which I mostly use for gaming. I don't think it's powerful as a PC gaming rig but it runs games like Sonic Mania really well.), Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 on Blu-Ray, a Rick & Morty 2018 calendar, a new electric Toothbrush and Razor with electric trimmer, a huge amount of sweets, some shirts as well as various toiletries. And I got some books like the Captain Phasma novel (you know, the female chrome trooper who only had 30 seconds of screentime in the new Star Wars Movies), and a Ripley's 2018 book. It was a shame I didn't eat much  Christmas Dinner as I received a huge Turkey from my management at work. ( You get a Turkey when you are employed there for over a year). It was so big I had to struggle carrying it to the Bus Stop, and as it was in a Carry Box a passenger thought I had a pet in there or something XD. So what we did with the leftovers was fed it through a mincer and made Turkey Burgers out of it.  


I mostly slept that day and saw the Doctor Who special which was Capaldi's Final story and it had him team up with his very first Incarnation (played by David 'Walder Frey' Bradley as Will Hartnell died years ago) who is about to regenerate for the first time. I thought the story was alright and I liked the Banter between the Two Doctors and yeah he was a bit old-fashioned with women but he was from the 1960's you see. I like how he got one final goodbye with Bill..who was kinda there but I wish we get a companion who doesn't get an ending where she/he becomes this godlike entity. It's why I liked Amy & Rory pond as I found them relatable and they had a bittersweet sendoff.  I also pretty much had a feeling who the WW1 Soldier really was and what the first thing that'll happen to the new female Doctor Jodie Whittaker. I am interested in what kind of Doctor she'll be and I don’t mind having a female Doctor as Regeneration is supposed to be random and unpredictable. (As a kid I drew pics of The Doctor as a Fox due to a regeneration malfunction) I can see her act a bit like Sally Solomon from 'Third Rock from the Sun' who is an alien (supposedly male) in a Human female body. 

A few days later
where I got better, me and my parents went to see my older brother and his wife and kids living in Haselmere where my Aunt also joined us. Had a wonderful roast dinner and got some more presents like a book about NES games, a Star Wars book about Bounty Hunters and the Wonder Woman movie on blu-ray ( Which I do agree is a decent movie and it's pretty much 'Wonder Woman: The first Leaguer' and it kinda had elements from God of War thrown in as well). I also bonded with my 11-year old Niece over Doctor Who episode trivia. Nice to know there's another Whovian in the family.  

The following day after staying at a hotel in Guildford we went to see a local pantomine production of 'Dick Whittington' and I realized it used the same actors from the last time we were there doing the same sort of roles and repeating the same jokes. When you see their rendition of 'the 12 days of christmas' a second time it's not so funny. But it has some funny moments as well.  

I also got myself one final thing after Christmas which was a Nintendo Switch! It's a pretty nifty console which changes from a TV console to a handheld and I like how tiny it is which reminds me of The
Gamecube. I wanted to get Mario Odyssey for it but can't find a copy anywhere so I had to order it online. Did try out the demo for Octopath Traveller which is just like the old 2D Final Fantasy Games and I love the 2D sprites on the 3D pixelated environments, but I found the voice acting a bit irritating so I had them disabled so I don't have to hear them say "hmm! yes! of Course!" Over and over in dialogue boxes. Hope that comes out in 2018.  

Oh yeah if you want my friend code It's SW-0213-2170-0266 


So how did I find 2017? It was okay, I guess. Didn't find it that exciting or eventful during certain times and felt pretty much miserable in some moments but I had some good moments as well, especially near the end of the year. It didn't start well for me at the beginning of the year like in February where my younger brother was admitted into hospital for nearly a week due to a swelling in prt of his body. He's okay though and was discharged afterwards but i had to balance life at home and seeing him in hospital during that period 

Also had my two nieces and nephew staying over for a week in April which was fun. I remember one day my 4-year old Nephew was mucking around with a dangerous toy so we had to take it off him and on a taxi ride to Adventure Island in Southend he kept saying "I want my toy!". That's what kids are like I guess.  

I don't think I met up with my online friends till around August where a Town near me was a having a 'Mini Con' which is a convention in 2 small halls. Met up with :icongagaman: & :iconmabletherabbid: there as well as :iconeuan-the-echidhog:. The Lucky Hit duo was selling some interesting merch and bought their 'Gaga & Cherry faff about in' DVD and a Darth Maul figurine. In another room they had a Mario Kart 8 Tournament where there are 2 racers competing in each match using the same track and have to control the racers using Wii remotes. I was competing with this kid who seemed a bit much and kinda rubbed it in my face when I lost but it was Euan who ended up racing to the final of the Tournament and won ! We also had a panel where we talked about Game collecting and the kid from earlier was there in a discussion about Pokemon and he said something like "We don’t talk about Bulbasaur". What did Bulbasaur do? Did he shoot Abe Lincoln? Was he accused of various sexual allegations? Guess we'll never know. Afterwards me & Euan just cruised around Basildon for a bit.  

I think things got great in late 2017 when :icondoublesnl: came down to visit us in September.  Had a small meetup in Southend along with Aaron, :iconshadow-dinosaur:, Euan and :icondcleadboot:. We went to the seafront arcades, played an aracde game that completely plagiarizes Minecraft and got buried under a load of tickets. I used them to get a figurine of the sonic Boom version of Metal Sonic. We also pitched in to send :iconkawaiisteffu: flowers who we really wanted to have with us but couldn't due to travelling problems.  

The following day we met up in Witham for their traditional Puppet festival. I talked to Pirates, saw some nosy seagulls and saw the star of the show the all-singing all-dancing Titan the Robot (Who also cries a lot). 

In October I went to the London Comic Con where I cosplayed as Mario with Cappy on my head (From Mario Odyssey).  As well as meeting up with Euan I met up with :iconkawaiisteffu: who was cosplaying as Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls as well as Jamie and then later met up with :iconburridgefox: and Ben (who was cosplaying as Sylvester the Cat). It was great mucking around with the other cosplayers and having fun. I remember when I made everyone break down laughing when I put googly eyes on a Stand of Wonder Woman. I even met Chewbacca and tried to comfort him after he lost his best friend. He's coping okay.   

Even work was great for me this year, the factory I work at is under new management now and work has been coming in rather well. Received some new Work shoes and shirts as well as a small Pay rise. I even bonded with my work mates more and often gone out drinking and clubbing with them. 

I have played some interesting games this year. Spent most of the year playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Red Dead Redemption which were brilliant open-world games. Ever since I saw the Lord of the Rings Trilogy I always wanted to explore a version of
Hyrule that was like Middle-Earth. Twilight Princess did kinda feel like a LOTR Zelda game but BOTW has that exploration feel that was like out of the works of Tolkein or C.S Lewis. Even the mini shrines were really fun. I can imagine them taking an idea out of the Middle-Earth games for a future Zelda where you can have a nemesis system and infiltrate the Bokoblin/Moblin Hierarchy, and they could have individual traits with Strengths & weaknesses and have Link create his own army.   


There were also some interesting films I saw this year. I think my faves would be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Dunkirk & the new Planet of the Apes movie where the apes looked so realistic you'd swear they were actually there. Although I'm a huge Star Wars fan I thought The Last Jedi was about Average. I didn't find it that great nor did I find it bad and I agree with both Pros & Cons of the movie. I felt it did drag on a bit and there was a pointless scene set in Space Vegas, But I liked the acting with some characters, especially Mark Hamill as old Luke and Carrie Fisher in her final performance as Leia. Also there's a meme going around where the bad guy takes his shirt off or something.  

So yeah That's what I pretty much thought of 2017. We don't know what's in store for us in 2018, and though we might encounter some bad moments in the new year we will have good moments to make the year memorable. There is one I'm looking forward to which is where :iconrogerregorroger: & :icondoublesnl: are going to get married in May and will be attending the wedding along with my other friends who I love so much. And there's some Royal Wedding going on around the same time I think

And I have been working on some new pics which I've been very slow on as it's a long-overdue update to not one but three compilations! One is for a compilation that has not been updated in nearly 10 years! So I'll try and get that sorted out in the coming months.  

And yes, I  am interested to see what new Dissected videos I'll be doing with Roger in the new year and I'm also involved in a spinoff series with :iconmeltingman234: called 'Give me Chaos theories' (Basically inspired from that Sonic: Live in Sydney song) where me and Meltingman would speculate and theorize about things relating to Sonic.  

I have also voice acted for a few projects that have yet to be finished. One being a small role in a Godzilla parody and another is for a James Bond comic animation where I voice Q. I usually have doubts where a Project I voice for seems to take a while to make but these things take time and I have faith in these clients as long as they keep me updated.   

So that's it for me, have a happy 2018 everyone and look after yourself, especially your friends and family.        


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Favourite genre of music: heavy/death/power metal
Favourite photographer: god knows
Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Operating System: Windows Vista.
MP3 player of choice: my computer
Shell of choice: the petrol station sort 'geddit'?
Wallpaper of choice: zelda
Skin of choice: windows
Favourite cartoon character: HE-MAN!!!! ( the new one not the stupid 1980's one)
Personal Quote: 'Blimey!'



Best Classic FPS Protagonist 

4 deviants said Duke Nukem
4 deviants said Gordon Freeman ( Half-Life)
3 deviants said Doomguy (Doom)
3 deviants said Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces/ Jedi Knight Series)
2 deviants said Other
No deviants said Serious Sam
No deviants said Quakeguy (Quake)


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Thank's for the fav
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Thank's for the fav!
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 Happy birthdaySpideypool - Happy Birthday 1 Spideypool - Happy Birthday 2 
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I hope you'll had an good birthday :)
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Hey man thanks for that watch by the way, really appreciated from a DA veteran such as yourself! Nod 
Blits-Rainer Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017
and I'm back.

by the way I did listen to Rodger's Dissected and well kind of corrected it cause it's not classic sonic but it was Mania sonic cause his dimension was distorted by the phantom ruby due to it alters the world slowly and destroy the worlds and may have mixed everything and it would have a strong power on manipulating reality and keeps on porting everywhere due to it teleporting everywhere and even travels through time as well.

followed by if possible just imagen the black arms back again and some characters witch is from the archie series witch means their would have been a chance on the archie comic sonic returning again due to the power of the phantom ruby but you may have an idea to bring back maria as well but as a hedgehog due to the puzzle to be pieced together but would also have to extended the story for shadow.

along with the Deadly six, Metal Overlord, Devil Doom, Biolizard, Merlina, Erazerjin it just keeps going on every final bosses but just imagen smaller Biolizards in mobian form or just imagen Merlina becoming a mobian and imagen Erazerjin being mobian as well heck imagen Black Doom becoming mobian as well and pehaps Ibiless or solarus becoming mobian sized as well due to it makes them more hard core and dangerous and perhaps time eater mobian sized and pretty much the same levels as Infinite.
Luke-the-F0x Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey man. Look, I appreciate these kind of comments and stuff but because of the way you write these out they become really difficult and frustrating for me to read and I just stop reading.
The problem is that your sentence structuring is really poor, you explain things in a redundant way and you dont use enough punctuation in your paragraphs, and that you write them out in one huge sentences. They need to be broken down into shorter sentences so that they become easier to read.

Look, here's an example with your first paragraph:

By the way, I did listen to Rodger's Dissected and well, kind of corrected it. Because it's not classic sonic but it was Mania sonic. Because his dimension was distorted by the phantom ruby due to it alters the world slowly, and destroy the worlds and may have mixed everything. It would have a strong power on manipulating reality, and keeps on porting everywhere due to it teleporting everywhere, even travels through time as well.

You can see I have made it a bit better for me to understand you and that you can use commas to extend your sentences. You just need to slow down and spend some extra time going over and checking what you have typed before you post it. It might be best if you read these out and add a full stop when you want to take a breath.

Look, don't take this personally. I often get criticized sometimes on my artwork & voiceacting, so it's only fair that your typing skills would get some criticism so that you can improve.And I know over time you can improve and get better because if you keep on doing this, it would create communication problems for both of us. Last time I called you out on this you said that watching let's plays distracts you, so maybe not watching them and just focus on what your typing might help you in some way.

Oh yeah, in reply to your comment yeah I was kinda expecting other villians to come in like maybe King Arthur and Wendy Witchcart.

Take care, man. P.S  just remember there's no 'D' in 'Roger'.
Blits-Rainer Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
pretty much it is hard to do since I kind of suck at my typing at times yet I have this disability that only prevents me to learn but only learn the lines from shows, Movies and games yet it's hard to make the examples lots and hard to learn those often so pretty much plus my laptop is kind of hard to but my computer keeps correcting it all the time.

also thanks for the note but still trying to wait on anyone that want to talk about either characters or Future Game predictions.

though it would be interesting to bring Captain theory to help in a quick second while even asking the info from Gamegrumps, SupperBestFriends, TeamFourStar, Nostalgia Critic, AVGN, Angry Joe and it will just keep on going when I keep searching and asking them on their prospective on stuff even may add Jon Tron perhaps.
Rogerregorroger Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the birthday card! Pretty bad ass super hero stuff, and nice infinite cake drawing. Like I ain't fat enough already.
Luke-the-F0x Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD ah it arrived. Glad you like it, mate.
Blits-Rainer Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017
So luke thought of a idea for Rodger for another Freedom Planet animation but to be a Carol story mode.
Luke-the-F0x Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well chances are whenever Freedom Planet 2 comes out he might do another one. But I did enjoy playing as her in the original game seeing her friendship with Spade.
Blits-Rainer Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017
well quite true but I just thought of some parts while observing some stuff to if Rodger did look at the story's and switch it up and well imagen Carol holding a super hero toy instead of Lilac and it would still happen and after that shows how Carol joy rides and runs into Serpentine's robot's face to.

also a hilarious part would be this if they try to take her off the motor bike and they use everything from a crow bar to a rope but nothing would get her off her motor bike and a hilarious part would be Neera Li trying to but than fall's down exhausted like if she was trying to lift Thor's hammer.

but more hilarious would be Brevon look through the thick smoke and carol drives her motor bike out of the thick smoke and she was wearing shades and terminator music in the back ground to.
KodyBoy555 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Do you do requests and art trades?
Luke-the-F0x Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no, sorry.
Godforoth Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017
Thank's for the fav!
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Hey luke have you got Fire Emblem Echoes yet?
Luke-the-F0x Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blits-Rainer Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
it's a good game and well had some idea's making the army to level 20 before changing their class.
Luke-the-F0x Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, sorry I was a bit blunt in that reply. I was in a bad state at the time worrying about a good a friend of mine who's going through some problems. But things are seemingly better at the moment. Also yes, I dont mind Fire Emblem but I'm not a huge fan of the franchise, been finding it quite stressful to play some of the games and I was playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the last 3 months and I'm still playing it.

Also I did a pretty bad thing. I hid a previous comment of yours as I couldn't understand what you were saying. It was very badly worded and I got so confused I panicked. Something about Sonic Forces & puzzles? I dont want to cause offense but I dont know if your not good with English or with Typing. So I would like you to retype that comment but in a shortened and easy way so I can understand it.

Thank you.
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